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Supreme Court Yearly Digest 2022

Today, on almost every law point, there is a Supreme Court Judgment. It, therefore, is to your advantage to cite and refer to the strongest precedent available. This reflects well in your judgment and also reduces the pendency of cases in the judicial system – something for which your contribution will be lauded. 

SCYD provides citations of SCC and all major law reports like AIR, Cri LJ, AIC, ALD, ALR, All LJ, CPJ, CTC, Cut LT, DLT, Guj LR, KCCR, KLT, LW, Mah LJ, MPLJ VST, Comp Cas, ITR, LLN, Lab IC, FLR, ELT, etc. It can therefore be used with most law reports.

Special Features:

1. Thorough analysis, more points from each case, and more cases on each point of law.

2. Other features include a Table of Overruled, Reversed, and Followed, etc. Cases, Bench Strength and Coram, Excellent Noter-up, Notable Extracts from Supreme Court case law, List of Articles published.

3. Elegant international finish with beautiful printing on Bible paper.

4. Affordable resource for Supreme Court case law.

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