How Gourango Lost His O

From the boondocks of the Sundarbans to the hallowed corridors of the Supreme Court of India, and everywhere in between, comes this insightful and humourous “non-story” that regales the tales of struggling lawyers, their colorful clients, and the landscape of the Indian judiciary, all via the perspective and experiences of one such lawyer—Gourango, the unwitting star of this narrative.

“An authentic behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives and challenges of lawyers and their clients, this book will fascinate readers with its many colorful larger-than-life characters, dramatic stories, and unexpected plot twists.”

— Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Author of The Last Queen and Forest of Enchantments

“Each chapter, often peppered with affectionate Bengalese, is both poignant and sweet. This is why your smile will play around the edges long after you’ve turned the last page. For the non-initiate, cheeky access to the legal world as well.”

— Dipankar Gupta

Sociologists and Public Intellectual

“Ghose manages the impossible here; he brings relatability to an otherwise drab & complex universe of Indian Jurisprudence. A satirical look into how Indian courts function, with all their eccentricities & the power games that are played. A must-read ‘non-story’ for anyone interested to know how justice is done in our country (or not).”

— Akash Banerjee

Satirist and Political Commentator

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